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While the world was waiting for Rolex DateJust Replica's launch with a simple repeater watch, de Haas exploded onto the scene with a monopusher split seconds chronograph with flying seconds and a perpetual calendar. It also contained a grand sonnerie, petite sonnerie and a minute repeater. De Haas says that it's not the number or complexity of functions in a grand complication watch, but their interaction. While most grand complications include a chronograph and a minute repeater, Rolex DateJust Replica included all of the highest complications. He calls it "Very bad." It is a shame that people hate me for it. But, I believe we did a great job. It was a unique experience that made a lasting impression. It was a lot of fun, despite all the frustrations.

However, the Rolex DateJust Replica Grand Complication's biggest test was its first natural leap year. De Haas approached midnight on February 28, 2016 with his heart in his chest. A watch is only successful if it does its job.Replica Rolex DateJust It did its job! It was amazing to watch. I even filmed it so that I could see it again and again.

The Rolex DateJust Replica Grand Complication wristwatch combines a perpetual clock with moonphase, a split seconds chronograph with flying seconds and a petite and grande sonnerie with minute repeater

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De Haas and his colleagues must find it easy to make a striking watch after the Grand Complication. He laughs at the suggestion and points out that the Grand Complication was only the beginning of a new era for Rolex DateJust Replica. He explains that development is an ongoing process, with much happening in the workshops that is still to be seen by the public. "People asked us in 2014 if we could duplicate the Grand Complication's ingenuity. We couldn't have achieved what we had done if we stopped. It was quite common for companies to present a concept of a virtual reality watch or other technology a few years back. This trend has continued four years later. It's your choice.

De Haas knows that today's watch is not necessary for everyone.IWC Ingenieur Replica He is grateful for the fascination that people still have with features such as chiming. He feels the need to give more. He proudly exclaims, "Nobody expected to see the Zeitwerk Decimal strike," when referring to last year's version Rolex DateJust Replica's digital watch that chimes at the hour and at ten-minute intervals. It also followed the Zeitwerk Striking Tim (which chimes every hour and on quarters) as well as the Zeitwerk Minute Repeater. He says that decimal repeaters, although not uncommon, are very rare because it is easy to see a 60-minute, round dial as a quarter. A repetition of tens works well against the backdrop of digital Zeitwerk. Because it was so complex, we put a lot effort into this piece. We like to push the limits. We love to surprise people."